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Ninja Warrior Weekly host Allyson Felix is definitely a Jessie Graff fan

Really, who isn’t a fan?

Allyson Felix reviewed the Miami Qualifiers on this episode of Ninja Warrior Weekly. She covers a lot in under four minutes, so be sure to check it out!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Bootie Cothran kicked off the episode with his first buzzer, and the first time an American Ninja Warrior lead run was a course completion.
  • The Move of the Week took place on the Slippery Summit. Both Morgan “Moose” Wright and Drew Drechsel used a backwards strategy that found them success.
  • Jessie Graff is one of the top competitors. Period.
  • There’s no forgetting Ryan Stratis’ run for $10k.
  • The Warrior of the Week is Gabe Stewart, the MSD coach who had us all in tears.