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Watch Bootie Cothran earn his first Qualifying buzzer

Bootie bandwagon in full effect!

When Bootie Cothran stepped up to the Miami Qualifying course, it was his fifth time on American Ninja Warrior. His previous attempts had never ended with a buzzer. But Bootie doesn’t take no for an answer.

He put all that behind him as he started this run.

His legion of fans, known as the Bootie Bandwagon, were ready to cheer him on.

Bootie looked graceful as he slipped between the Fly Wheels.

The Ring Turn was a puzzle Bootie knew just how to figure out.

Even Akbar couldn’t hold back the bootie excitement.

Bootie made it to the Slippery Summit, the fifth obstacle. He was SO close to his goal of the Warped Wall!

The audience and hosts were exploding as he reached the end.

Bootie took it all in. This was his night!

After no issues with the Warped Wall, Bootie will be back for the City Finals!

Update: This article was updated to reflect that this is Bootie’s fifth season on the show, not the fourth as previously stated.