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Watch Jessica Clayton’s fierce fight on the Miami Qualifying course

Nothing stands in the way of this Ninja.

Jessica Clayton knows how to stay strong when things get tough. She’s a Marine Corps veteran and a single mom to three kids. When Jessica struggled to find steady work, she and her children were even sleeping in their car at one point.

But Jessica kept fighting and things are much better now for her family. She never gave up on her fitness journey either and her kids encouraged her goal of becoming an American Ninja Warrior.

She showed off that strength on the Miami Qualifiers course. Jessica had great core control on the Fly Wheels.

On Razor’s Edge she took a fall on the last panel. She saved it and dove on to the landing platform.

She knew how close her run had come to ending and she savored the moment.

Jessica used her legs on the Ring Turn to help ease the transitions.

On the Slippery Summit, it took Jessica a few leaps to figure out the strategy, but she got it.

Look at the focus and determination in her eyes!

On the descent, Jessica took a big leap that jolted her off the handlebars.

No worries though! This inspirational mom will be back for the City Finals!