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Possibly the happiest ‘Moose’ ever beat the Miami Qualifying course

Morgan Wright is a strong contender with a seriously joyful demeanor.

Morgan “Moose” Wright is P.E. teacher who takes on fitness with just a pinch of personality. In Kansas City last season, he qualified for the National Finals after a gutsy run with a few worrying moments. For season 10, he returned to the course in Miami, trademark moose hat on his head, ready to smile all the way to the buzzer.

We had to hold our breath while he crossed the Razor’s Edge. It was the Broken Pipes last season where Morgan took a hard hit to the “twinkleberries.”

When he reached the Slippery Summit, he was the first of the night to show us the backwards strategy.

But, oh no! Disaster! On the descent, Morgan’s hat came off!

Could the Moose continue without his special chapeau?!?

Yeah, of course he could. He smacked the buzzer a few seconds later.