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Even Drew Drechsel’s slip couldn’t keep him away from the fastest time

Watch his full run from Miami Qualifiers.

Drew Drechsel is one of those American Ninja Warriors you always expect a lot from. We know, we know. That’s a lot of pressure to put on them, but it’s hard not to look forward to greatness when they’re so consistent at delivering it.

Case in point, Drew Drechsel’s Miami Qualifiers run. He said before hand that he was eyeing the fastest time of the night and he went for it.

He breezed right up to the Ring Swing. This obstacle had been a time suck for many Ninjas, but he had a perfect strategy in place.

On the Slippery Summit, he opted to go backwards. He kept his kips small so he stayed in control.

The descent had been taking out Ninjas all night as well. Again, Drew knew to keep the movements tight so his grip wouldn’t peel off.

He stood at the base of the Mega Wall at just over 1:48. Well on his way to the fastest time.

The ONE hiccup of his run happened at the Mega Wall. Drew got there. He even got his hand on the ledge.

But his grip slipped off and for a briefly surprising moment, he slid back down.

No matter. He didn’t even pause to glance back at the Mega Wall before he ran up the 14’6” wall.

His time, even with the fall, was over a minute faster than second best time.

As one fan on Twitter pointed out, Drew will be just fine with missing out on the $10k when he takes home $1 million bucks in the National Finals. First, he’ll have to survive the Miami City Finals in a few weeks!