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Here’s another batch of Ninjas throwing pitches better than Akbar

Jesse Labreck, Sarah Schoback, Morgan Wright and Selena Laniel all took a turn on the mound.

Tampa Bay Rays

American Ninja Warriors like Meagan Martin and Najee Richardson have been tossing out ceremonial first pitches at ballparks across the country. But ever since Akbar’s tragically sad pitch for the Phillies, it kind of feels like the Ninja are out to show him up.

Jesse Labreck looked like a natural on the Chicago White Sox mound.

Morgan “Moose” Wright is known for his silliness on the course, but his Tampa Bay Rays pitch was quite serious.

Sarah Schoback looked strong on the field with the Minneapolis Twins.

Selena Laniel even threw in a flip on the way to throwing the ball for the San Diego Padres.

Maybe Akbar should have asked ANY of them for advice on his throwing form.