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Abel Gonzalez’s run was the picture of perserverance

A few hiccups didn’t hold him back.

Abel Gonzalez has been competing on American Ninja Warrior since season six. In all that time, he has never had his father watch him compete. That changed for season 10. Abel shared with the viewers that he and his father have had a tough relationship. But they’ve worked to put things back together and his father was there at the Dallas Qualifiers to watch him run.

Abel wanted to make his dad proud. And he put together one of the gutsiest runs of the night.

On Catch and Release, Abel’s momentum started pulling him in circles, preventing him from moving to the next pole. But he steadied himself and made the transfer.

After getting through the Bouncing Spider, Abel made our hearts stop when he fell on the Tuning Forks. Instead of touching the water, he somehow kept his feet up and wrapped himself around the obstacle.

He put some serious Ninja skills on display as he carefully got to his feet and launched himself to the landing pad.

Abel made a run at the Mega Wall but came up short.

He didn’t let it get to him. He was all smiles as he hit the buzzer.

Abel made ALL of us proud with that run! He never gave up even when things didn’t go as planned. We’ll find out if he can move on to Las Vegas after the City Finals in a few weeks.