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Watch Mathis Owhadi’s stellar debut run

He’s only 19, but he’d prepared for this moment for years.

When American Ninja Warrior announced that the contestant age limit was lowered to 19, we knew exactly who was coming for the course.

Mathis Owhadi is known as “the Kid” in the Ninja community. He’s been training and competing on the local level for years. All that experience has also built him a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Mathis trains with Ninjas like Drew Drechsel and Daniel Gil. He might look young, but he was anything but inexperienced on the Dallas Qualifying course.

Mathis made it through Catch and Release in just about three moves.

The Bouncing Spider has picked off many veterans in the past. But the rookie knew just how to approach it.

He was a blur on the Tuning Forks.

Look at Matt and Akbar’s faces as Mathis whipped through Crank It Up.

It looked like Mathis might be the first to top the Mega Wall. He was SO close. His fingers actually did touch the rim, he just didn’t lock on.

Seriously. He was THAT close.

After that, the 14’6” Warped Wall was nothing. Mathis zipped over to the buzzer and savored his very first course completion.

Mathis will be back again in a few weeks to take on the Dallas City Finals course.