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What would your All-Stars Skills Challenge look like?

Which obstacle would you create and which Ninjas should try it?

David Becker/NBC

May is an AWESOME month to be an American Ninja Warrior fan! Season 10 debuts on May 30. Celebrity Ninja Warrior airs on May 24. But first, we get to watch the Ninjas push themselves to the limit on the All-Stars Special on May 17!

If you’re unfamiliar, the annual All-Stars episode usually includes a team portion and a skills challenge portion. The skills challenges ask the Ninjas to test their boundaries on crazy, growing obstacles.

In the 2017 skills challenge, we saw:

  • Endless Invisible Climb
  • Super Salmon Ladder
  • Striding Steps
  • Mega Wall
  • Big Air Grab
  • Thunderbolt
  • Supersonic Shelf Grab

You can refresh yourself on how those challenges went with this article.

While we wait for next Thursday, let’s put your dastardly minds to work. What would your skills challenge look like? Which obstacle would you want to see super-sized, and which Ninjas would you want to see attempt it? Tell us in the comments!

Watch Mike Bernardo put in work on Super Salmon Ladder from 2016 to get your creative juices flowing!