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Ninja Warrior has begun its last batch of calls for season 10

The calls for the Minneapolis region have begun.

Fernando Leon/NBC

American Ninja Warrior is about halfway through the taping of season 10. Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and Indianapolis are in the bag. Philadelphia is just days away. Now, the very last batch of casting calls is going out. The final region, Minneapolis, is bringing in its Ninjas!

Here’s our usual disclaimer. These are just a few Ninjas who’ve confirmed their return on social media. Calls take a few days to complete, and this is definitely not all the competitors!

Ian Dory

Guess who’s competing? ANW X

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Sarah Schoback

Maggi Thorne

Hunter Guerard

Roo Yori

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These Ninjas will run the Minneapolis course May 25 and 26 at the US Bank Stadium. We’ll find out how they did after the season kicks off on May 30 on NBC!