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This Ninja beat cancer, re-learned how to walk, and took on the course

Dr. Favia Dubyk showed us that becoming a Ninja happens before you step on an obstacle.

Dr. Favia Dubyk was a powerful reminder that what happens before the American Ninja Warrior course is sometimes much more important than what happens on it.

Dr. Favia was diagnosed with Advanced Stage Lymphoma. Through six months of treatments, the mass in her chest shrunk, but her life was drastically altered. She had to re-learn how to walk and use her arms. Her husband was her caregiver and together they worked to bring Favia back to health.

After all that, she stood proudly on the starting line of the Dallas Qualifiers course. She let out primal screams as she moved from the Floating Steps to the Catch and Release. She would end her run on the second obstacle, but her journey was much more than that.