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Watch the wildcard teams give it their all in these full runs

The first half the wildcard round gave us six teams looking for redemption.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

On the first part of the American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja wildcard round, we learned just how badly these teams wanted their place in the playoffs. Six teams took to the course and ferociously ran for every point possible.

You can read a full recap of the episode here.

The highlighted runs from the episode are a testament to the work put in by the Ninjas.

Hunter Guerard (Lizard Kings) vs. Tyler Yamauchi (MidWest Muscle)

This run introduced viewers to the Bungee Pipeline. The obstacle only has one pipe to use for the dismount, meaning Ninjas needed to fight over it. Hunter lost his lead to Tyler here when Tyler managed to pass him. However, then Tyler slipped on the Warped Wall, the Lizard Kings claimed the victory.

Kyle Soderman (Lizard Kings) vs. Ethan Swanson (MidWest Muscle)

Kyle has definitely proven himself this season. While he was a relative unknown to the American Ninja Warrior fanbase, his speed and precision have made him notorious. Ethan, another speedy competitor, worked hard to keep up. Ethan made an attempt to pass on the Bungee Pipeline, but it was Kyle who got the dismount and the win.

Paul Hamm (All-American Ninjas) vs. Jackson Meyer (Frostbite)

Jackson joked about his training and eating habits on an earlier episode, but we’re not buying it. He’s way too good on the course. When Paul struggled with the Ring Swing, Jackson took the opportunity to blaze down the course uncontested.

April Steiner Bennett (All-American Ninjas) vs. Zhanique Lovett (Frostbite)

This race all came down to a moment of hesitation. Zhanique and April had been in close competition through all the obstacles. Zhanique reached the Warped Wall first but missed her first attempt. She stopped to collect herself. In that second, April seized the chance to get up the wall herself, taking the point.

NorCal Ninjas vs Dark Horse - first relay

The Bungee Pipeline was once again the deciding factor. David Campbell reached the pipe before Lance Pekus, giving him the advantage needed to close out the relay for his time.

NorCal Ninjas vs Dark Horse - second relay

This time around, reaching the fifth obstacle first wasn’t a sure way to win. Lance looked to be home free as he reached the pipe. Suddenly, David grabbed the cord Lance was on, sucking away his momentum. Somehow, David then wriggled around Lance and was off the obstacle. The point he earned sent team Dark Horse packing.