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Minneapolis closes out Ninja Warrior’s qualifying cities

US Bank Stadium provided a stunning backdrop for the last of the 2018 locations.

That’s a wrap on the American Ninja Warrior qualifiers for season 10! Minneapolis was the last city where Ninjas could earn their spot at the National Finals in a few weeks. So WE know who gets there (hehehe) but we can’t tell you.

We couldn’t have asked for a better two nights of taping. It was warm, there was NO RAIN, and it was all-together awesome! Here’s what we can share.

The location was just outside the US Bank Stadium. We think it’s going to be one of the best backdrops we’ve seen on the show. The show had access to the screens to make some epic on-site graphics.

One thing we did learn about Minneapolis, the sunset was much later than in the other cities. Kristine Leahy shared in her Instagram story that the show had to wait till later in the evening to get going.

Limited time to film meant everyone had to stay focused. That’s the only reason Matt and Akbar didn’t spot you, Kristine!

After getting bumped by the endless rain in Philadelphia, Joe Moravsky FINALLY got to run the course.

SEASON X HERE WE GO!!!!! ⚡️ #AmericanNinjaWarrior

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He was joined by a league of talented athletes.

Of course, the best thing about any location is the fans and Minneapolis was no different.

American Ninja Warrior stops in Vegas in just a couple of weeks for the grand finale!