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Watch Akbar’s awesome Celebrity Ninja Warrior run

We’re so proud of him!

For 2018’s Red Nose Day, American Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila REALLY stepped up. He took part in the second Celebrity Ninja Warrior and he took the course seriously. Akbar trained with Ninja Warrior Kevin Bull and together they raised $30,000 for children in need all over the globe.

Akbar approached the starting line in his hosting suit. But uh, yeah, he changed for the course.

Kristine Leahy headed into the hosting tower for Akbar’s run. As she pointed out, Akbar could basically step from platform to platform on the Floating Steps.

Did anyone else notice how the Grab Bag was floating towards him while he prepared to jump to it? Who cares! It was still great.

Akbar’s size could have worked against him on the Spinning Bridge but he took a dive to get to the landing pad.

For the Shelf Grab, Akbar brought in Kevin since he had a bicep injury.

Akbar really had to get to work on the Doorknob Drop. He muscled across the obstacle.

Check out the Ninjas watching from the sidelines. Their expressions were amazing. Look at that sheer fear when one of Akbar’s hands fell away from the peg.

And the genuine joy when he grabbed on again.

When Akbar made the dismount, the Ninjas exploded. They were SO excited for the person who’d been cheering them on for years!

After critiquing Warped Wall approaches for seasons, Akbar knew just how to grab that thing.

When Akbar hit that buzzer, he became a Ninja Warrior himself AND he raised an awesome $30,000!