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American Ninja Warrior will give $100,000 to the last Ninja standing this season

This adds an interesting new element to the National Finals.


TVLine released a preview video for the tenth season of American Ninja Warrior that goes over some of the thrilling moments we’ll soon be watching. We’ll see Ninjas like Najee Richardson and Jimmy Choi continue their journeys. New faces like Favia Dubyak and Jessie Clayton will inspire us.

And there’s more money on the line this season than ever before. Of course, there’s the $1 million waiting at the top of Mount Midoiryama. Season ten will also introduce the Mega Wall, worth $10,000.

But snuck into that first look video is an important mention of another change.

The last Ninja standing will receive $100,000.

This is a big change for the show. Previously, it’s been a bit of an “all or nothing” scenario. If a Ninja didn’t hit the buzzer at the top of the Final Climb, they went home with nothing except the hunger to return next year.

Now, there’s even more motivation to hang on as long as possible on the stages of the Las Vegas National finals. Being the last Ninja standing isn’t just a point of pride, it’s a payday.

How do you think this will change the National Finals? Tell us in the comments!