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The Red Nose Day celebs talk Ninja

Check out what the newest Ninjas had to say to ANW Nation

Tyler Golden/NBC

Before the celebrities tackled the course during the Red Nose Day festivities, American Ninja Warrior Nation had the chance to interview some of the stars. Check out this compilation video of what everyone had to say about the challenge ahead of them!

These celebs were super thankful for the advice they received from their Ninja coaches. Nastia Liukin and Barclay Stockett seemed like a match made in heaven. Both have a gymnastic background and that helped Barclay coach up the Olympian in advance of the obstacles. After seeing Nastia excel on the course, it seems like the advice worked out well.

There seemed to be a healthy fear of the ANW course and a great respect for what their Ninja coaches had accomplished to date. Nothing was going to be easy, but when you are fighting for a great cause, there’s extra motivation to go out and hit the buzzer. Don’t forget that you can get involved in the Red Nose Day festivities by donating to the cause through this link:

Akbar had a ton of pressure on him going into his final run. Not only were all of us Ninja fans rooting him on, but so was his co-host Matt (who wasn’t afraid to have some fun with Akbar during the clip above). With all eyes on him, Akbar delivered a truly memorable performance and capped off a brilliant night of Ninja work with a buzzer smash. Next stop – Dallas for ANW 10.