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These young ninjas show us what Red Nose Day is all about

Join Lylah and her friends in the fight against child poverty

Tyler Golden/NBC

Tonight, we will see some of our favorite Ninja’s coach celebrities during NBC’s Red Nose Day Special. But if you don’t want to wait for your fix of obstacle madness, we’ve got good news for you: the competition started early!

Little Ninja Lylah fully embraced the giving spirit of Red Nose Day. To help her fellow children through charity, this budding Ninja talent got some friends together (including a few faces you might recognize) to raise money for the cause. Fans turned out from all corners of the stuffed animal jungle to get a front row seat for the event.

The athletes contested a number of obstacles including a Plinko Warped Wall and a Hanging Bombs challenge before joining forces in a Relay Run to close out the competition. This episode also debuted the difficult Rainbow Blocks which led straight into Christmas Tree Alley! That’s one of the toughest 1-2 punches in the neighborhood. And, of course, the Ninjas completed all these obstacles while wearing those signature red noses.

In total, this crew of present and future Ninja stars raised over $500 through their achievements on the obstacles.

Inspired by Lylah? You can donate with her by using this link:

Thank you to everyone involved in this Red Nose Day event for their special contributions and don’t forget to tune into NBC’s version tonight at 8/7c!