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Meagan Martin was embarrassed by her pitch, but it wasn’t that bad

She threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Colorado Rockies game.

American Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Colorado Rockies’ game on May 13. When we first saw the video that was displayed on the board at the game, we got nervous.

After Meagan was introduced, she approached the mound and gave the ball a toss. Then she immediately covered her face in what looks like embarrassment. She shrugged her shoulders and booked it out of there.

But we don’t see the actual pitch. So did Meagan... Akbar it? We got our grimace-face warmed up.

(Akbar-ing is when you throw the world’s worst pitch. Sorry, Akbar, we’re not going to let this one go easily.)

But then we saw another video of her pitch, and Meagan, you need to go easy on yourself! That pitch was 100% acceptable.

It’s not exactly a hall of fame throw, but baseball isn’t Meagan’s sport. In case you forgot, here’s Meagan in her element.

She’s a major Ninja Warrior and professional rock climber. She doesn’t need to have a 90 mph fast ball.