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Geoff Britten plans to return for the show’s 11th season

Geoff Britten announces his plan to return to American Ninja Warrior.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on May 2, 2018. It has been updated to include a recent Instagram post.

It feels like just yesterday, we were writing about the return of Isaac Caldiero to the Ninja universe (probably because we literally wrote about it yesterday). Now we have more breaking news as it relates to another Ninja champion. Geoff Britten, the only other Ninja to compete all obstacles in the national finals, has announced that he is also planning a return to the course!

On the Armchair Ninja Podcast, Geoff told hosts Rich and Bijan that he will be back for American Ninja Warrior’s 11th season next spring. You can listen to the full podcast on the link below. Geoff’s announcement is at the 3:20 mark.

“I don’t regret taking a little break. But I’m excited to be back,” Geoff shared with the hosts.

Geoff stepped away from competition after a surprising fall in Vegas during Season 8. He walked away as the first competitor to hit six buzzers in a season and, as we stand on the precipice of the show’s 10th go round, he’s still the only Ninja who can boast such an achievement. A comeback would give Britten that chance to add to his legacy, but also give fans a chance to see one of their favorites make the toughest obstacles look easy.

Geoff will still need to be selected for the show by the producers once casting for season 11 opens. But the odds that they wouldn’t have him back are pretty darn slim!

Although Geoff walked away, he never truly lost touch with his Ninja roots. He worked with ATS, the team that helps build the courses, in Season 9 indicating his passion never really wavered. Plus, Britten’s motivation is renewed as he and fellow podcast guest Jamie Rahn are working at and promoting Ninja Nation. Ninja Nation is working to help kids and adults get active and better themselves through fun activities on obstacles. They hope to expand the number of state of the art gyms around the world with safe, exciting and innovative layouts. But don’t take my word for it, listen to Nation Nation’s Creative Director himself break it down during his appearance on the Armchair Ninja Podcast.

Update: Ninja Nation, where Geoff Britten works as the Creative Director, posted on Instagram that it indeed looks like his submission is in for season 11!