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Jessie Graff and Meagan Martin dominated the Mega Spider Wall

They barely slowed down over the course of three races each.

The 2018 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Skills Challenges debuted the Mega Spider Climb. This race challenged eight Ninja Warriors to brace themselves between two walls and climb all 80 feet of Mount Midoriyama.

The competition was tournament style, with winners moving into semi-finals and a final round.

  • Meagan Martin vs Allyssa Beird
    Winner: Meagan Martin
  • Jesse Labreck vs Zhanique Lovett
    Winner: Jesse Labreck
  • Jessie Graff vs Rebekah Bonilla
    Winner: Jessie Graff
  • Barclay Stockett vs Kacy Catanzaro
    Winner: Barclay Stockett


  • Meagan Martin vs Jesse Labreck
    Winner: Meagan Martin
  • Jessie Graff vs Barclay Stockett
    Winner: Jessie Graff


  • Meagan Martin vs Jessie Graff
    Winner: Jessie Graff

The final race between Jessie and Meagan was something to behold. After racing up the climb three times, these Ninjas didn’t look exhausted until they collapsed at the top of the tower. While Jessie claimed the title of champion, Meagan was never that far behind. A slip or a stumble could have changed the game entirely! Overall, it was an incredible performance from both of them.