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Watch Najee Richardson and Drew Drechsel grow wings during All-Stars

The Wicked Wingnuts looked scary until these Ninjas turned them into playthings.

David Becker/NBC

On the 2018 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Special, we saw some epic Skills Challenges. One of the new challenges that was introduced was the terrifying Wicked Wingnuts. Kevin Bull, Tyler Yamauchi, Najee Richardson, and Drew Drechsel all entered the competition.

The Wicked Wingnuts began at 13 feet apart, which is already one foot farther apart than they were in the regular season nine competition. But that was WAY to easy for these Ninjas. It wasn’t until the Wingnuts were moved 18 feet apart that Kevin and Tyler left the game.

That meant Najee and Drew remained. The same pair that had battled for supremacy during the 2017 Supersonic Shelf Grab was locked in for the win once again.

It didn’t seem possible at 19 feet, but they both landed it.

Watch them absolutely defy gravity when the Wingnuts were moved back to 20 feet.

For the second time in a row, it was Drew Drechsel who earned the medal. But let’s not forget that without Najee pushing him foot for foot, we’d never have these jaw-dropping leaps!