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Second-grader receives national honor for her Ninja Warrior film

Asha documented her love for Ninja Warrior and her own training journey.

We’ve said it before, but here’s just one more example of how American Ninja Warrior is more than just a TV show. Illinois second grader Asha Gigani was so inspired by the women she saw on the course that she wanted to be one too. She documented her training journey in this great short video that’s now earned her an award!

Asha entered her video into the PTA Reflections contest. The school district’s blog shared:

“Her film, “My Ultimate Ninja Dream,” advanced at the school, district, regional and state levels. And last week, the national chapter of PTA Reflections announced that Asha’s film received an Award of Excellence in Film, the highest national honor given!”

Asha’s film features her watching the show, receiving a shout out from Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne, and most importantly, never giving up on her training!

Great job, Asha!