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Philadelphia was flooded with wonderful Ninja Warrior moments

Pun intended.

Aspiring Human/Instagram

Okay, we admit it, the Philadelphia taping of American Ninja Warrior wrapped a few days ago and we’re just getting to this article. Forgive us. Things are crazy this week with all the upcoming Ninja Warrior action!

So let’s talk Philly. (What we can talk about at least.) There were some good and... interesting aspects. We’ll get the “interesting” stuff out of the way.

RAIN. Lots of it. Joe Moravsky talked about it in his Instagram post. During the taping of the Qualifiers, a big old rain cloud moved in and took a seat right on top of the course. This is, of course, not ideal. Obstacles are hard enough without being soaking wet.

Because the rain didn’t plan on going anywhere, arrangements had to be made. Ironically, the Weatherman Ninja was rained out and is now heading to Minneapolis.


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So that was the challenging part. But there’s nothing to be done about the weather, so we’re not going to dwell on it. Let’s talk about all the good and cool things that happened!

Amazing legends like Michelle Warnky and Mike Bernardo took their turns on the course.

Allyssa Beird returned for her third season of American Ninja Warrior.

And her mom ran the course as well! How cool is that?

Some of the walk-ons did get a chance to hit the obstacles, which we always love seeing.

Also, we want to give MAJOR props to the crew of American Ninja Warrior. They hustled in all kinds of weather to make sure that whenever there was a dry moment, the course and the cameras were ready to let the Ninjas shine!

Next up, American Ninja Warrior heads to Minneapolis!