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Here are the 5 All-Stars Skills Challenges we’ll get to see

American Ninja Warrior All-Stars special premieres on Thursday, May 17

David Becker/NBC

We’re not going to lie, we’re so excited for the new American Ninja Warrior All-Stars special that we can barely handle it. The other day we got a glimpse of Jessie Graff and Barclay Stockett locked into a climb to the top of Mount Midoriyama and THAT was enough to get us amped up.

The special airs on Thursday, May 17 (that’s THIS Thursday!) at 9/8c pm on NBC. It’s a two-hour special that will include both the Skills Challenges and the Team Challenge. We’ve seen who Matt, Akbar, and Kristine selected for their teams. Now, take a look at the five Skills Challenges we’ll be watching!

Super Salmon Ladder:

Ninjas will go for time up a Salmon Ladder that’s a mere four stories high.

David Becker/NBC


This is a peg board challenge that has the Ninjas racing towards the buzzer.

David Becker/NBC

Striding Steps:

Competitors will have their agility on display as they try to get the fastest time on nine steps out and back.

Wicked Wingnuts:

Season nine’s most evil obstacle is BACK! The distance between the Wingnuts starts at 13 feet and increases until no Ninja can stick the transfer.

David Becker/NBC

Mega Spider Climb:

Ninjas will spider climb their way up all 80 feet of the stage four final climb.

David Becker/NBC

All of these challenges present the Ninjas with the opportunity to do what they do best; push themselves to the limit while having a great time. We absolutely can’t wait to watch them go to town on these obstacles!