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All-Stars Special will have Jessie Graff race Barclay Stockett on the Mega Spider Climb

Watch the exciting teaser now!

On Thursday, May 17, American Ninja Warrior will debut an all new All-Stars Special! We got a look at one of the challenges and we’re already screaming our heads off.

The Mega Spider Climb will send Ninjas up the ENTIRE height of the Stage Four final climb. All 80 feet of it. If that wasn’t thrilling enough, this teaser shows two incredibly talented Ninjas locked in a dead heat.

Jessie Graff and Barclay Stockett are both top contenders and National Finalists. In this clip, Barclay builds a lead, but as they advance towards the top, Jessie pulls even with her. We can see that the buzzer is looming closer, but the clip ends, leaving us anxiously awaiting the outcome.

We’ll find out the conclusion on Thursday, May 17, at 9 pm EST on NBC!