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Armchair Ninja Podcast interviewed ME

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Hi everyone. It’s me, Nikki. I run ANW Nation. (At least I think I do. It runs me a lot of the time.)

My friends Rich and Bijan over at the Armchair Ninja Podcast asked me if I’d like to peek out from behind my computer screen and chat for awhile. I did. It was fun. Check it out. It was interesting being the person IN the interview seat for a change.

We talk about what’s coming up this month for American Ninja Warrior, which is A LOT. I share what I can about season 10, and we go over some behind-the-scenes aspects of my job.

You can listen to the full podcast above. If you end up having any other questions you’d like to ask me, go ahead and leave me a note in the comments below!