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25 numbers of American Ninja Warrior

The countdown to Season 10 has begun

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s 2018 season is rapidly approaching! By now, I hope you’ve set your calendar and cleared your schedule for the May 30th premiere. While you’re counting down (19 days to go!), we thought it might be fun to take a look at some other Ninja numbers that will be important to remember as we prepare for the City Qualifying round.

6 – The number of City Qualifying courses. We will see Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Minneapolis host episodes this season.

19 – The new age limit for this year’s competition. Ninja’s used to have to wait until they were 21 to compete.

Dustin Bradford/NBC

73 – The amount of times I will gasp during the City Qualifying round. A typical Jake Murray run usually gets me 9 or so on its own.

3.5 – The difference, in feet, between the traditional Warped Wall (14.5) and the new Mega Wall (18). If competitors clear that, they will get to take home $10,000

30 – The number of Ninjas that advanced from the City Qualifying round to the City Finals under last year’s format. 5 women were also guaranteed to advance. We will see if they keep those rules in place for ANW 10.

105,326,467 – The approximate amount of beads of sweat that will be accumulated by the Ninja Warrior viewership as we nervously watch our favorites try to complete the course.

Eddy Chen/NBC

88 – The number of buzzers hit in the City Qualifying round last year. Los Angeles had the most buzzers (22) while Denver had the least (8).

100 – The percentage of times I will feel emotionally invested in a competitor hitting the buzzer

26 – The number of obstacles featured in last year’s City Qualifying round. Every city began with the Floating Steps and ended with the Warped Wall, but the challenges in between were a surprise to everybody. Among the toughest were the Rail Runner, Rolling Thunder and the Battering Ram.

0 – The amount of times you are allowed to touch the water. Unlike team racing, if you touch down, you’re out. The margin of error is razor thin for these Ninjas!

Less than 464 – The amount of hours you have until the 1st episode airs on NBC (which is channel 4 in my house).

Don’t miss the exciting season debut and be sure to hit us with your own Ninja numbers as we continue to count down.