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Why we could all use a Ninja coach

How having a Ninja around could improve your life

Tyler Golden/NBC

We are rapidly closing in on Red Nose Day, where we will get to see some of our favorite celebrities attempt the Ninja course. It’s never easy facing the obstacles, especially for rookies to the show, but the celebrity guests each have the help of a top ninja to guide them to the finish. I’ll be honest, it sounds pretty awesome to have a Ninja coach. And I’m not speaking strictly from an obstacle perspective. In my day to day life, there’s plenty of times that I could really use the help of one of the show’s top athletes.

Take this past Monday for example. My alarm goes off at 6 AM and I’m quick to hit that snooze button. But if I had a Ninja coach, they would motivate me to roll out of bed and get some training in and attack the day. ANW features some of the most determined, disciplined athletes in sports and if they could pass just a little of that energy onto me, that’d make a big difference. Plus, if Joe Moravsky was my coach, I would not only have strong morning workout, but also I would know if I needed to bring an umbrella with me to the office.

Tyler Golden/NBC

Later, it’s lunch time. I’m craving something greasy or something sugary. Or even better-something greasy and something sugary. But before I can order that ice cream-cheeseburger combo-BOOM-Coach Warnky is stepping in to save the day with a healthy substitute. Now I won’t need a nap in the afternoon.

Eventually, snack time is over and I’ve got to get back to work. Those Ninja articles aren’t going to write themselves. While I’m sitting down at the keyboard, starting the brainstorming session, you know who might be helpful to bounce ideas off of? How about one of the top ninjas from the sport itself? It would be pretty exciting to get obstacle insights from somebody like Geoff Britten who has been on both sides of the show. And maybe Allyssa Beird would be willing to proof read for spell checking and grammar.

Tyler Golden/NBC

After a hard day on the job, I’m ready to put my feet up and relax. Unfortunately, I arrived home at the house to find that my cat was stuck in a tree! I could call the fire department, but there wouldn’t be much of a need if Mike Bernardo or Dave Cavanagh were already standing by as my Ninja coach. I’m sure Jessie Graff could use her skills to scale the tree and retrieve my pet in a matter of seconds. Or Jon Alexis could just reach up and grab it.

And, to cap off any Monday night, I’d love to watch Ninja vs. Ninja live with one of the stars of the episode! Sounds like a perfect day.