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What the Masters green jacket would look like on American Ninja Warrior

Wondered what’s up with that golf tradition? We break it down for you, using Ninjas.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

In an effort to be a good, considerate friend, we watched several hours of the 2018 Masters Golf Tournament this weekend. After all, we’ve dragged people through season-long binges of American Ninja Warrior. It was only fair we handed over control of the remote once in awhile.

While trying to get over the dramatic difference between Ninja Warrior and golf commentary (Seriously, we really want Matt and Akbar to talk us through just a couple holes!), we became curious about those green jackets.

The iconic green jackets are only awarded to the winner of the historic tournament each year and have a fascinating history of decorum and ceremony. We thought we’d explain it to you in terms we all understand: Ninja Warriors. (In the image above, we’ve opted for a more “Ninja-friendly” cut of jacket, and used the extra fabric for a darling headband.)

Here’s a quick rundown on the jackets from Golf.Com:

“What began as a wooly, uncomfortable status symbol has gradually become one of the most iconic and recognizable trophies in sports. Despite its seemingly everlasting significance, the green jacket was not awarded to the Masters champion until 1949 — 15 years after the Masters was first played...

Multiple Masters winners receive only one jacket, and Augusta National officials estimate measurements for those in contention during the final round Sunday afternoon...

The green jacket Masters champions wear during the ceremony Sunday night is only temporary; victors soon after receive a customized iteration that they’re allowed to keep for a year. After that point, past champions can only wear the green jacket on club grounds.”

Let’s compare that to American Ninja Warrior using the status of “Last Ninja Standing,” that’s the competitor who goes the farthest each season. For the purpose of brevity, we’re only using the results that took place since season four, when American Ninja Warrior first held the National Finals in Las Vegas.

Season four

Brent Steffensen would have be awarded the first “green jacket.” He could flex in it for a year and always have those original bragging rights.

(We can’t find the video of Brent’s Stage Three run from that season. Drop the link in the comments if you find it!)

Season five

Brent would have to hang his jacket in the secret, dedicated closet under the Warped Wall (we made that up) because now it was Brian Arnold’s turn to rock emerald. (Pretty smart of him to wear green during the actual run!)

Season six

It’s Joe Moravsky’s turn to claim his own tailored jacket. And we’ll be coming back to this in a few season.

Season seven

Okay, it’s not a perfect comparison here. Isaac Caldiero is the first American Ninja Warrior Champion. So we imagine that he gets a jacket, but his has snappy gold trim.

Season eight

Here comes Drew Drechsel. It’s his turn to wear green for a year. By the way, the color green was picked because it was, “thought it would help fans easily identify them as ‘reliable sources of information,’ and to let waiters know who got the check at dinner, according to”

Season nine

After buying everyone’s meals for a year, Drew would hang up his jacket. Joe Moravsky would be the first Ninja who got to pull his jacket back out. But he only has one jacket, unless he packed on so much muscle since season six that he needed a new one.

So who will don the “green jacket” this year on American Ninja Warrior? Will it be a repeat fashion moment, or will they need to cut a new tailored coat? Season 10 kicks off on May 30 on NBC!