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Watch the Lab Rats battle the Big Dog Ninjas and more full runs

Highlighted runs from the sixth week of Ninja vs Ninja qualifiers.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

On the sixth qualifying episode of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja, the Lab Rats reigned supreme. But it wasn’t an easy road to the playoffs. The Big Dog Ninjas drove them point for point through five heats. After The Ballers knocked out Team Alpha, they were swept away by the Lab Rats.

You can read a full recap of the episode here.

Check out some of the highlighted runs!

Chris Wilczewski vs Jody Vila

In the first heat of the night, the Lab Rats and the Big Dog Ninjas sent in their captains. Jody gained a lead after the Tilting Ladders that Chris was unable to overcome.

Michelle Warnky vs Brandi Monteverde

This was a great race and closed with a great moment. Newcomer Brandi held her own, but veteran Michelle had a strong lead at the end. Instead of celebrating on her own, Michelle coached Brandi up the Warped Wall and they shared the moment together.

Lab Rats vs Big Dog Ninjas relay race

This was the first of two relay races between these teams. The Big Dog Ninjas were in a position to knock out the Lab Rats, but the combined efforts of the Lab Rats proved formidable. Team captain Chris cranked up the speed at the end to seal the win.

Paul Kasemir vs David Yarter

After his Team Alpha partners both lost their heats, all the pressure was on David. But David had what it took to bring it home. He was hot on Paul’s heels at first, but when Paul made a couple errors, David snatched his opportunity to grab the win.

Chris Wilczewski vs Lorin Ball

The two captains were evenly matched on the extended course. It all came down to strategy. Chris opted to push hard for a lead on the front half of course, then rested for a moment before starting the back obstacles. His slight recovery time let him power through the final climb before Lorin.

When Ninja vs Ninja returns on Monday, April 9 at 11 pm EST. we’ll see four more teams strive to make it to the playoffs!

  • The Expendabulls: Kevin Bull, Maggi Thorne, and Thaddeus Robeck
  • Lizard Kings: Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, and Kyle Soderman
  • Iron Grip: Daniel Gil, Tiana Webberley, and Mathis Owhadi
  • The InvincAbels: Abel Gonzalez, Mary Beth Wang, and Victor Juarez