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What can we expect from Ninja Warrior’s new celebrities?

They’re running the course for an important reason, but they’re still coming in prepared!

Tyler Golden/NBC

American Ninja Warrior recently announced the roster for this year’s Celebrity Ninja Warrior. The second annual show is again for Red Nose Day, a day of awareness and fundraising to end children’s poverty. Since it’s for a great cause, and it’s for pure fun and entertainment, the competition isn’t as serious as it usually would be. The only goal is to keep us watching and smiling as they and their Ninja Warrior coaches work to complete obstacles to trigger donations from Walgreens.

But that doesn’t mean these new-Ninjas aren’t going to give it their all! We look a closer look at each of the participating celebrities to find out what skills we’ll see on full display.

Akbar Gbajabiamila

Come on, he’s a natural, right? Not only does he have physical strength, he has a genuine love of the sport and has KIND OF been paying close attention to strategies for the past few years. We’re going to say he’s got what it takes to make a strong showing.

Is it Monday yet? ‍♂️#CantWaitTillMonday #AmericanNinjaWarrior

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Sorry, but this video NEVER fails to make us laugh.

Nikki Bella

Nikki’s a professional wrestler with the WWE. She’s been on their main roster for almost ten years, and is now part of the SmackDown LIVE roster.

Regardless of how you personally feel about wrestling, there are a few indisputable facts. The competitors have to be on-point physically, play to the crowd, and not get flustered if things don’t go their way. Those all sound like skills a Ninja needs as well! Nikki’s excited to be a part of Red Nose Day.

Derek Hough

This one is pretty easy. If we had any doubts about the famous dancer and actor’s skills on the course, he put them to rest with 2017’s Red Nose Day. He was well equipped for the course to begin with, but after a fall on the Fly Wheels, he showed true Ninja grit when he got right back up and tried it again. We think he might even make it through the course dry this year!


The singer, songwriter and producer might not have jumped out at you as a contender, but we think he might surprise a lot of people.

Let’s talk about his footwork! Many Ninjas report that balance obstacles are their worst enemy, but we actually feel like Ne-Yo is going to have the light steps and sure movements to keep him dry on those. Also, he doesn’t quit when things get tough physically.

Colton Dunn

Admittedly, the actor and writer is going into this a little nervous. But a healthy respect for the course is important. We think Colton is going to take his time, assess each situation, and give us a some laughs with his sense of humor.

Scott Evans

Scott is a correspondent for “Access,” so his secret strength is going to be his ability to think clearly on the fly. In his live interviews with celebrities, he has to think on his feet and stay focused in very distracting situations. Heidi Klum and Mel B can both attest that he’s not slacking in the gym either.

Nastia Liukin

Nastia is a five-time Olympic medalist in gymnastics. Do we really need to say more? It’s been proven through Ninjas like Barclay Stockett and Kacy Catanzaro that gymnastic skills translate well to the course. We think she’s going to breeze though this without breaking a sweat! Bonus points: She’s a self-described Ninja Warrior fan!

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg is an actor who’s currently starring in the Hulu show “Runaways.” We’re not entirely sure where his Ninja-skills rank, but one thing’s for sure, he know how to commit to a scene! Once he’s facing the obstacles, he’s not going to back down. Also, we just have a hunch he knows a thing or two about fitness.

Nothing like a baby powder party pre shoot. @benjoarwas

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Find out how all these celebrities do on Red Nose Day, May 24! Celebrity Ninja Warrior starts at 8 pm EST.