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Matt Iseman invites you to the #RingofFireChallenge

It’s all to help a little girl who’s battling cancer.

I’m taking the #RingOfFireChallenge to help Tayler Ellison, a young girl fighting the Big C. You can do the same by taking the challenge or just donate! This challenge is NOT easy, but neither is her fight...

Posted by Matt Iseman on Monday, April 2, 2018

American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman wants us all to do something called the “Ring of Fire Challenge.” We’re a little intimidated by the sound of that, but Matt’s on a mission for an important reason.

His mission is to help out Tayler Ellison, a young girl battling osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. Tayler has had two intensive surgeries on her jaw and is now going through chemotherapy.

The Aurora, Colorado Police Department decided to do what they can through the Cops Fighting Cancer network. They issued the #RingofFireChallenge. The challenge is to either eat a habanero pepper, or three donuts in a minute, and challenge five other friends. You can read the specifics of the challenge here.

Matt is a Colorado-native and a cancer survivor, making this a very personal cause for him. Watch him opt for the donut route in the video above. Does he make it?!? The drama is riveting!

He also challenges Ninja Warrior Nation. That means you, Ninjas and fans!

In case you needed any more motivation, Tayler’s motto is “Don’t mess with a Warrior.” Sounds like she’s an honorary Ninja Warrior to us!

You can donate to Tayler’s fund here:

Watch other #RingofFireChallenge videos on their Facebook page.

Follow Tayler’s journey on Facebook here.

*Disclaimer: This is a fun project for a good cause, so don’t hurt yourself! Don’t burn your mouth out on a pepper or choke on a donut. Take it easy. Have fun.