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This Ninja vs Ninja fan was so excited for the Tri Hards that they sang about it

Did you think you were the ultimate Ninja vs Ninja fan? The bar has been raised.

There are Ninja Warrior fans. And then there are PEAK Ninja Warrior fans.

This Ninja vs Ninja viewer just showed us ALL what a true fan looks like. In celebration of the Tri Hards’ win in the last episode of the qualifiers, they turned Paula Abdul’s jam “Vibeology” into a Tri Hards anthem. It’s nothing short of magical.

They showed UP ready to cheer the Tri Hards on no matter what.

The customized lyrics are going to get stuck in your head.

#trihards Rock! They got #vibeology

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The fan followed along during the episode and shared in the party after each win.

#backflip #partytime with Starring me and my heroes! The #trihards #ninjavsninja

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Ninja Warrior fans are THE. BEST.