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Jimmy Choi’s training video is a powerful reminder of the obstacles we can’t see

He compared himself to Najee Richardson, but all we can see are two incredible Ninjas.

Jimmy Choi inspired us all with his American Ninja Warrior run during season nine in Kansas City. Jimmy has Parkinson’s disease and raises awareness and research funds through Team Fox, the fundraising arm of the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Michael J. Fox even recorded a special message of encouragement for Jimmy. Jimmy stood at the start line, tremoring slightly, and gave it his all on the course. His run inspired host Akbar Gbajabiamila to get involved in the cause himself.

Jimmy hasn’t stopped Ninja training. In a recent Instagram post, he shared a video of himself training alongside fellow Ninja Najee Richardson. The message he shared along with the video is a powerful reminder to never forget the obstacles that lay beyond our field of vision as we look at those around us.

Jimmy wrote:

“It’s still Parkinson’s awareness month and today I would like to share some of the things that go through my mind during exercise. Najee Richardson (@the.flying.phoenix ) and I played on the rings this past weekend. I wanted to show the contrast of how different we are on the same obstacle. Look how Najee uses his lower body to generate swing. He makes it effortless. And then look at me. My swing is noticeably shorter and body control (twisting) is noticeably more rigid and that is all generated by my arms and shoulders. I know what I need to do and that’s to use my legs and hips. In my brain, I am commanding my hips and legs to do just that. In fact, to me, it feels like I am kicking my hips and legs all the way up to my elbows. Parkinson’s, however jams that signal and in reality, this is the best I can muster up. What’s the difference? We both completed this in about the same time right? Well the difference is Najee isn’t burning out his shoulders and arms creating swing. Over the course of 6-10 continuous obstacles, that efficiency will definitely come in handy.”

There’s no hint of sadness in his post. It’s just the facts of Jimmy’s experience. And we have all the faith in the world that however Jimmy trains, he will be ready for the course.