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Who would be your first pick in an American Ninja Warrior draft?

If you could put one new face at the National Finals, who would it be?

Eddy Chen/NBC

With the 2018 NFL Draft upon us, we started (of course) thinking about Ninjas. What if you could “draft” a Ninja to the National Finals in Las Vegas? The purpose of the draft is to pull in new talent that can play ball (pun intended) at a high level. So that’s what we’re thinking here. Which Ninja, known or unknown, would you pick to play in the big leagues?

Now, there’s no collegiate pipeline of Ninja talent like there is in the NFL, so we have to get a bit creative with the rules to make sure it reflects the spirit of a player draft (adding new talent to the mix) while still reflecting the reality of Ninja competitions.

The rules:

They cannot have participated in the National Finals before.

This can mean a couple of things.

  1. They have competed on American Ninja Warrior, but haven’t made it to the National Finals.
  2. They haven’t ever been on the show before.

So that means no Jessie Graff, Drew Drechsel, or Joe Moravsky picks. We’re talking about fresh faces at the National Finals here!

That’s it! From there it’s a free-for-all.

We want to hear your thoughts on who you think should get the first pick to the National Finals. Tell us in the comments!