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Watch the shocking upsets and falls from Ninja vs Ninja

The last week of qualifiers still had plenty of action to share!

Eddy Chen/USA Network

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja’s last qualifying episode delivered some shocks and thrills. Favored teams went home and one obstacle caused so much trouble, it ended 12 runs. In the end, the very talented Tri Hards won the night and took the last spot in the playoffs before the wildcard competition.

You can read a recap of all the action here.

Watch the highlighted runs from the episode below.

Jamie Rahn vs Drew Knapp

The start of the surprising sweep of the Superhero Squad began with this run. While Jamie was just as fast and precise as fans remembered, Drew had slightly more speed. Jamie made a last second bid for the lead at the Warped Wall but Drew beat him there by less than a second.

Sean Darling-Hammond vs Andrew Philibeck

Sean worked hard to keep the Superhero Squad in the game. When he slipped slightly on the Tick Tock, Andrew gained the lead. Towards the end of the course, it was anyone’s game as they both pushed to the front. It came down to Sean’s slip on the Warped Wall, giving Andrew the edge needed to complete the sweep.

Mike Bernardo vs Sean Bryan

The Floating Monkey Bars decided to take a bite during this run. Mike and Sean were neck and neck on the course. They even look matching dismounts from the Tilting Ladders. But when Sean tried to follow Mike’s pace on the Monkey Bars, he ended up swimming.

Mike Needham vs Adam Rayl

This was almost a repeat performance of Mike Bernardo and Sean Bryan’s run. It could have gone any which way. Adam’s fall from the Monkey Bars pushed the tide in the direction of the Hazard Brigade.

Tri Hards vs Wisco Warriors relay

The Wisco Warriors hadn’t lost a race yet. The Tri Hards came into this fueled from their battle with the Hazard Brigade. After some more splashdowns on the Flying Monkey Bars, it came down to the relay run. In a stunning display, the Tri Hards put all their struggles behind them and pulled out the win, with Adam Rayl charging up the Zig Zag Climb to the buzzer.

Next week:

On April 30, we begin the wildcard round!

  • Dark Horse (From Week 2)
    Lance Pekus, Tammy McClure, Karson Voiles
  • MidWest Muscle (From Week 2)
    Tyler Yamauchi, Kirsti Pratt, Ethan Swanson
  • All-American Ninjas (From Week 3)
    Paul Hamm, April Steiner Bennett, Reko Rivera
  • NorCal Ninjas (From Week 4)
    David Campbell, Anna Shumaker, Brian Kretsch
  • Lizard Kings (From Week 7)
    Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, Kyle Soderman
  • Frostbite (From Week 8)
    Nick Hanson, Zhanique Lovett, Jackson Meyer