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Kacy Catanzaro has officially stepped into the ring

The Ninja Warrior had her first WWE NXT match in Florida.

Wayne Mason/Twitter

You can’t discuss the history of American Ninja Warrior without mentioning Kacy Catanzaro. She was the first woman to complete the Warped Wall, and is currently still the only woman to have hit the buzzer on a City Finals course.

Kacy retired from American Ninja Warrior in season nine to focus on her new career with the WWE. She made a complete life-shift, moving to Florida and taking on a rigorous training program to get ready for the ring. All the hard work is paying off, on April 19 Kacy had her first match in Sanford, Florida for WWE NXT.

Kacy lost her singles match to Reina Gonzalez, but it looks like she had a heck of a time! Check out her moves!

We can’t wait to watch Kacy’s wrestling career take off!