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We can’t stop watching Ninja Warriors scale this terrifying wall

It’s called PsicoBlock. And we’re totally into it now.

Today, we were frolicking around the green fields of YouTube when we fell down a bit of a rabbit hole. An hour later, we’ve come up for air and we need to share our discovery.

Videos of Ninja Warriors during the PsicoBloc Masters competitions are hypnotic.

What’s PsicoBloc, you ask? Well it’s a rock climbing competition... that is awesome.

It’s a form of rock climbing that’s also known as deep water soloing. In this case, the competitors race side-by-side up a SIXTY-FIVE FOOT wall. Look at this thing.

There’s a gnarly curve in the wall and a deep pool of water below. So when a competitor falls, they REALLY fall.

It’s no secret that rock climbing skills translate well to the American Ninja Warrior course. Some of the top Ninjas are avid and professional climbers. That also means they enjoy some PsicoBloc action.

Check out Meagan Martin in this race. Meagan has shared before that she doesn’t really train on Ninja specific obstacles until a few weeks before the competition. We totally get it now. This stuff more than keeps her ready for the obstacles! It’s no wonder she’s qualified for the National Finals for the past two seasons.

(Also, we love that after Meagan wins this race, she stops to cheer on her opponent. Ninjas are the best.)

Here’s Sean McColl, who we all know from Team Europe on USA vs The World, racing Isaac Caldiero, who we all know from becoming the first American Ninja Warrior champion.

Does anyone else get sweaty palms when they fall? It’s a long way down...

Josh Levin has been tearing up the American Ninja Warrior course for the past few seasons. Watch how chill he is just casually Spider-manning up this thing.

There are tons of PsicoBloc videos that all feature amazing athletes and are an excellent way to procrastinate during your work day. Watching these two fly up the wall almost in sync is mesmerizing.

We do have one question. Once you’ve climbed all the way to the top... how do you get down?