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This Ninja’s run through the Floating Steps will leave you cheering

Martin Heald is a competitor on Ninja Warrior UK.

The Ninja Warrior format lends itself to inspiring moments. American Ninja Warrior fans know this well. Ninja Warrior UK fans are also getting their share of inspiration.

Martin Heald is an incredible Ninja who had his leg amputated as a teenager. Not that he lets that hold him back. Martin is part of the England amputee football team and an avid rock climber.

In the preview video above, Martin takes on the Floating Steps and he handles them perfectly. Leaving his crutches at the starting line, Martin bounds from step to step confidently. The video ends pretty quickly, but it sounds like he made it all the way to the Spinning Bridge, which is the third obstacle.

It’s an awesome show of strength and further proof that a Ninja’s greatest muscle is their heart.