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Jessie Graff discusses her failures in this beautiful video

Her goals change, but her dedication doesn’t.

One of the great joys of being an American Ninja Warrior fan is watching athletes who inspire the heck out of us find success on and off the course. Jessie Graff’s hard work and dedication have brought her a legion of fans, both women and men.

That attention has attracted opportunities for Jessie like her work with Under Armour. The company just released a new campaign titled “Will Finds A Way,” which celebrates “the hardest worker in the room.”

The video they created to showcase Jessie highlights just why we love watching her on Ninja Warrior. While gracefully flipping on a trampoline, Jessie details how her failures at being an Olympic gymnast and a world-record pole vaulter have brought her to where she is today.

She shares, “The worse you are when you start, the more room you have for improvement.” Which is a sentiment we love.

Dwayne Johnson, who shared his own video on Instagram, kicked off the campaign.

In addition to Jessie, Under Armour featured several other incredible athletes. If you’ve got the time, all their videos are worth a watch.