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Potential playoff Ninja vs. Ninja match-ups that we want to see

Who would you like to see face off in the sweet sixteen?

Eddy Chen/USA Network

We are now through seven episodes of Ninja vs. Ninja and the action is heating up! The playoffs are starting to take shape and it’s hard not to get excited about some potential dream match ups that might be in store once we get there. Here’s some head to heads we could potentially see before a champion is eventually crowned:

Meagan Martin vs. Jesse Labreck

Eddy Chen/USA Network

Meagan Martin and Jesse Labreck are two of the most elite ninjas in this competition. Both women have reached the back half of the course in the last two city finals and neither member of this pair has lost a team ninja match up in their entire careers! That’s about 20 matches’ worth of flawless execution. But if we did see Meagan and Jesse battle it out in the Ninja vs. Ninja playoffs, somebody’s streak would have to end. Either that or the world would stop spinning. I’m not sure what is more likely at this point.

Jake Murray vs. Grant McCartney

If these two Ninjas are lined up opposite one another, you can almost guarantee something YouTube worthy is going to happen. Not only are Grant and Jake two of the most talented Ninjas in the competition, they are also two of the most entertaining. Jake’s made plenty of headlines with his corn dog and surprise undershirts, while the Island Ninja is an Ellen worthy dancer with more flash than his Golden Hearts uniform.

Tyler Gillett vs. Mathis Owhadi

Eddy Chen/USA Network

In this past week’s episode “The Kid” announced himself to the Ninja universe. Mathis Owhadi showcased some serious speed as his Iron Grip team knocked out elite competition from the InvincAbels and the Lizard Kings. But before the 19 year old Owhadi was grabbing headlines, it was Tyler Gillett and his Young Bloods team that was putting the nation on notice about the next generation of Ninja super stars. Which millennial would have the edge if they go toe to toe in the playoffs? Snap chat us or whatever kids these days are doing.

Barclay Stockett vs. Michelle Warnky

In leading the Lab Rats to the Ninja vs. Ninja playoffs a few weeks back, Michelle Warnky improved her career team ninja record to 10-0. That’s 10 wins and 0 losses! I’m sure you could have figured it out, but it’s so impressive, it had to be said twice. But Barclay Stockett, who nearly toppled Stage One in Vegas last year, would provide a serious challenge to the Ninja vet if this pair got matched up in the playoffs.

Back in Season Two of Team Ninja, before Barclay had become a breakout star, she made her competition debut against … Michelle Warnky. Warnky beat her that day, but since then Stockett hasn’t dropped a match. It would be fun to see her a get a chance at an epic rematch this season!

Which match ups are you hoping for once the Ninja vs. Ninja playoffs get started? If you need a refresher, here’s the full recaps of who has advanced thus far:

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Labreckfast Club

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Lab Rats

Iron Grip

Remember, Ninja vs. Ninja is on a new night and time – Mondays at 11 PM EST! So be sure to mark your calendars or set your DVRs so that you don’t miss the action. If you can’t watch live, you can always use the USA website to stream episode replays right from your computer any time of the day!