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What a Philly-themed Ninja Warrior obstacle course would look like

We create some dream obstacles for the city of brotherly love.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

In about a month, the east coast Ninja Warriors will take to the course in Philadelphia. It has been an eventful time for the city as the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in February, Villanova won the NCAA Championship earlier this month and now the Sixers are hosting a playoff series. Recently, it’s been a place of victories, but the last time ANW traveled to the city of brotherly love, there were no city finals finishers! So this time, we figured the course may need an obstacle overhaul.

I’m not quite as good as Kevin Carbone, but here are some Philly themed obstacles I’d like to see the Ninjas try next month.

David Becker/NBC

The Liberty Bell

I picture this obstacle looking similar to the Tic-Toc-a small, swinging platform that Ninjas have to jump on and off to complete. In Philly, it only makes sense to have a Liberty Bell oscillating through the air as it is perhaps the city’s most iconic landmark. The course architects could even throw in a twist that incorporates the Bell’s signature crack. As the Ninjas jump onto the platform, it slowly starts to break into two pieces, testing their balance and forcing them to make a quick dismount.

Fernando Leon/NBC

The Cheesesteak

If you’re in Philadelphia, you’ve got to have one of their cheesesteaks. Of course, those hearty sandwiches don’t necessarily fit into a healthy Ninja diet, so we will have to make some adjustments. Imagine if we took something like the broken pipes from Kansas City and instead turned it into a pair of cheesesteaks (one Pat’s and one Geno’s of course)? As the competitors step on, the roll starts to … well … roll and the Ninjas need to stay on their feet as they scramble across to the other side. If they fall off, they drop into a pile of cheese wiz.

The Declaration of Independence

Just like our founding fathers, this Ninjas have a chance to make history in Philly. Think of this obstacle like the circuit board that was featured in Daytona’s city finals last year. Ninjas have to navigate through the outline of the founding fathers signatures on a long parchment using only a thin pen-like object to keep them upright. If they complete it, the fans along the sidelines will surely be asking for their real autograph before the night ends.

Myron Luzniak/NBC

The Rocky Steps

No training montage through the streets of Philadelphia is complete without a trip up the Art Museum steps. The producers can pump in “Gonna Fly Now” to get the adrenaline going as, at the end of the city finals course, the Ninjas have to climb the Rocky Steps instead of the Elevator Climb that debuted last season. Rather than pump out their arms, Ninjas have to pump out their legs by pressing up and down on the steps until they are propelled to the top platform with that buzzer waiting for them.

In Philly’s last showing, we didn’t have reach the top on City Final day, but, just like Rocky, I’ve got a feeling the second time will be the charm for these Ninjas.

Let us know which obstacles you think would be a good fit for the city of Philadelphia when ANW takes over this May!