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Watch this 10-year-old Ninja slay the Warped Wall

And that’s not the only obstacle she’s mastered!

Here’s your daily does of inspiration. Watch 10-year-old Taylor Jo absolutely nail a 14 foot Warped Wall! According to one of her coaches, Austin Gray, Taylor is always pushing herself to her limits.

And it’s paying off!

Check out the sheer determination she shows against this Clacker.

There’s no way you can describe this Ninja without saying she’s just STRONG.

Begining of stage 3

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Taylor has a heck of a community behind her as well. Her coach, Austin, recently donated a kidney and is still training to hopefully run the American Ninja Warrior course in Minneapolis.

#victorylap Thank you Austin! You're a great coach!!!

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Taylor’s family is in on the action as well. We featured her dad back in October when he helped complete the perfect Halloween costume.


We LOVE seeing Taylor grow stronger with such a strong support system behind her! We can’t wait to see her on American Ninja Warrior in another nine years.