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Watch highlighted runs from Ninja vs Ninja’s second episode

There was a clear winner, but it wasn’t an easy fight.

The second episode of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja gave us four feisty teams. While every single Ninja had to fight hard in their heats, the Labreckfast Club would win the night and head to the playoffs.

Read a full recap of the action here.

Check out some of the highlighted runs from the episode!

Karson Voiles vs Ethan Swanson

In the first heat of the night, Dark Horse declared their stance against Midwest Muscle. Ethan had a small error in his Pole Grasper strategy, and Karson used it to his full advantage.

Lance Pekus vs Tyler Yamauchi

This match-up looked to go either way, but Lance gained ground on the later obstacles, pulling in another win for Dark Horse.

Chris DiGangi vs Travis Weinand

Travis was nipping at Chris’ heels this entire race. But it gave Chris the motivation he needed to stay just inches ahead, giving the point to the Labreckfast Club.

Jesse Labreck vs Emmi Rose

Emmi learned the hard way that you can’t hesitate on the course. While she was stuck on Tick Tock, Jesse made her way down the course to the buzzer.

You can watch the full episode on USA Network’s website, here.

Next up, on March 15, four more teams will face off:

  • Party Time
    Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray
  • Brazi Bros
    Lucas Gomes, Brittany Reid, Alexio Gomes
  • Fast Kats
    Karsten Williams, Lauren Keen, Kevin Klein
  • All-American Ninjas
    Jonathan Horton, April Steiner Bennett, Paul Hamm