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Full runs from the fifth week of Ninja vs Ninja qualifiers

Watch the teams fight for every buzzer.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

On the March 29 episode of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja, the Golden Hearts moved on to the playoffs after several nail-biting heats. The night gave us some early falls, lead changes, and a few firsts for certain Ninjas.

You can read a full recap of the episode here.

Check out some of the highlighted runs from the episode!

Jo Jo Bynum vs Grant McCartney

We started off with an example of a strong, straight-forward race. Neither Jo Jo or Grant made any devastating errors. Grant just outpaced Jo Jo, completing the course an obstacle ahead of him.

Natalie Duran vs Jessica Clayton

This race was a big moment for Jessica! She was a rookie to the format, racing the experienced Natalie Duran. Jessica got a lead right from the get-go and never gave up. Natalie took a misstep on the trampoline to the Spin Cycle and ended up swimming. Jessica completed her first Warped Wall and first buzzer in competition.

Neil Craver vs Jimmy Bogle Jr.

This was a surprisingly quick race. Jimmy fell from the Tick Tock, but Neil was so focused he completed the course alone anyway.

Selenia Laniel vs Brittany Hanks

Now it was Brittany’s turn to earn her first buzzer! After a close race, Selenia missed a grab on the Spin Cycle and was tossed backward off the obstacle. Brittany pushed on and up the Warped Wall.

Thomas Stillings vs Grant McCartney

In what turned out to be the Mitsubishi Drive of the Night, these two dug deep for this race on the extended course. Grant was in the lead through the front part of the course, all the way to the top of the Warped Wall. Thomas evened things out on the Salmon Ladder and it became a battle of wills. Both drove their bodies hard through the Rumbling Dice and up the Zig Zag climb. Thomas reached the buzzer just before Grant. Both then collapsed into exhausted heaps.

Next up, four more teams will try to secure the sixth spot in the playoffs.

  • Lab Rats: Chris Wilczewski, Michelle Warnky, Brian Wilczewski
  • Big Dog Ninjas: Jody Avila, Brandi Monteverde, Josh Salinas
  • The Ballers: Lorin Ball, Paul Kasemir, Meiling Huang
  • Team Alpha: Brent Steffensen, Sydney Olson, David Yarter