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What are your top 5 favorite Ninja Warrior runs?

Yup, we’re limiting you to JUST five.

David Becker/NBC

Over American Ninja Warrior’s nine seasons, there have been hundreds of awe-inspiring runs. One of the hardest questions we get is around which ones are our favorites. There’s just too many to pick from, for so many reasons.

So we’re putting the pressure on you! If you could only pick five runs over the entire course of American Ninja Warrior’s history, which ones would they be and why?

Would it be something of historical importance, like Isaac Caldiero becoming the Grand Champion, Kacy Catanzaro on the Warped Wall, or Jessie Graff on Stage One?

How about a comeback run? Like Ryan Stratis overcoming his shoulder injury, or David Campbell getting back to Stage Two?

There’s merit in the emotional runs as well. Is one of your favorites something that pulls at your heart? Like Zach Gowen refusing to let a perceived limitation hold him back, and Jimmy Choi, who used his run to take a stand against Parkinson’s Disease.

And that’s just the START of the runs that came to mind when we put this article together. We could ramble on forever. Help us out here. Take to the comments and share your top five American Ninja Warrior runs!