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Here’s what happened when American Ninja Warrior visited Dallas (kind of)

We can’t share much. But here’s what we can!

Tyson Faifer/Instagram

Anyone else experiencing what we like to call the “ANW hangover” today? That’s the sluggish feeling you get after three whirlwind days on the set of American Ninja Warrior, combined with overnight filming and sprinkled with the joys of airline travel.

As you can probably guess, we just got back from the taping of American Ninja Warrior in Dallas, Texas! The weather held out for the Ninjas, keeping the course dry, and the night air was warm. Aside from the dozens of mosquito bites we’re currently trying very, VERY hard not to scratch, it was a perfect couple of nights.

We’d love to tell you ALL about it, but we can’t. You’ll just have to wait until the tenth season of American Ninja Warrior kicks off on May 30. (But here’s a hint, you’re DEFINITELY going to want to tune in for this... It’s going to be huge.)

We did want to give you a little slice of what happened (without putting our jobs in jeopardy), so here’s what the Ninjas shared on social media!

One vlogger gave us a look at the b-roll filming. That’s when the crew shoots extra footage of Ninjas to use in their introductions on the show.

Bonus points if you can spot me in one of the shots! -N

Dallas was Barclay Stockett’s return to the course. She had a very special time on set. Kacy Catanzaro was on hand to support her friend.

Today has already been pretty magical and I haven’t even competed yet.

A post shared by Barclay Stockett (@sparklyninja) on

In fact, a LOT of people came out to support Barclay!

That’s me in one of the pictures! Barclay is the master of hugs. - N

Here’s Barclay waiting to approach the course. How far does she go? The suspense is killing us!

It was a big night for a lot of well-known Ninjas. Brent Steffensen and Thomas Stillings had their friends by their sides.

Karsten Williams combined the trip with his mom’s birthday!

Tremayne Dortch kept his family close during the competition.

Daniel Gil ran the course AND got a very special gift from the official ANW merch department.

Those late nights of filming can get to your head. Sometimes even the hosts get a little loose in the wee hours of the morning.

Matt Iseman MAY have taken the Ninja antics a little too far.

This just set of the explosives detector at TSA. NICE. I’m dynamite.

A post shared by Matt Iseman (@mattiseman) on

Today, the crew, hosts, and Ninjas are resting up. But it won’t be for long. The lights go up again on April 13 for American Ninja Warrior in Miami!