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Watch the heated battles from Ninja vs Ninja’s fourth week of qualifiers

There were no run-away wins. Every Ninja had to fight hard every step of the way.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

Strength, strategy and endurance all came into play during the fourth week of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja. The Young Bloods, Tyler Gillett, Bree Widener, and Kevin Carbone, worked together to move on to the playoffs. But none of the match-ups were easy. Watch some of the episode highlight’s below!

You can read a full recap of the episode here.

Brian Kretsch vs Kevin Carbone

This heat set the tone for the night. Brian has participated in every season of American Ninja Warrior. Kevin was a rookie in season nine, but he brought a fresh strategy to this course. He tired Brian out on the Criss Cross Ring Toss by blocking his dismount for a long amount of time. When Brian reached the Flying Shelf Grab, he was out of energy and fell.

Anna Shumaker vs Bree Widener

This heat all came down to the Warped Wall. Anna had a strong lead, but had wet feet after a fall on the Floating Tiles. When she reached the Wall ahead of Bree, she stopped to remove her shoes and socks. On her first attempt, she didn’t clear the ledge. This all gave Bree time to catch up, catch her breath, and make it up the Warped Wall on her first try.

David Campbell vs Tyler Gillett

While the Young Bloods were on a hot streak, the experienced NorCal Ninjas weren’t going to go quietly. David Campbell, another Ninja who’s been on American Ninja Warrior for all nine years, simply out-paced Tyler. Tyler stayed close behind, but in this case, David’s familiarity with course competition gave him the edge.

Ian Dory vs Andrew Lowes

Ian Dory was a favored competitor based on his consistent American Ninja Warrior success and notoriety. But Andrew is also an accomplished Ninja, handing us an evenly matched race. In the end, Andrew got the coveted jump off the Ring Toss and refused to give up his lead.

Jeri D’Aurelio vs Meghan Beatty

Meghan and Jeri had a bit of a battle for space on the Criss Cross Ring Toss, with Jeri taking the first dismount. While her opponent had the lead, Meghan never gave up. She was still pursuing Jeri when she fell from the Flying Shelf Grab, allowing Team Wolfpack to take the point.