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It’s time for the Indianapolis Ninjas to get ready

Casting calls have begun for this region.

Duane Prokop/NBC

We’re just days away from the Dallas taping of American Ninja Warrior and now a new batch of Ninjas need to start prepping! The casting calls for the Indianapolis region have begun.

The Indianapolis taping will take place April 29 and 30, at Memorial Circle. This will be the show’s second time visiting that location.

While it seems like the calls are still going out, this is already shaping up to be a stacked field of athletes. Some big names have confirmed they’ve been asked to return to the course!

Jesse Labreck

Tyler Yamauchi

Ethan Swanson

Jimmy Choi

Chris DiGangi

Kirsti Pratt

I’m back for season 10 for @ninjawarrior! Ready to hit some buzzers!!

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Lorin Ball

This is definitely not a complete list of the competitors. It takes the casting team a few days to make all their calls, so if you’re still waiting, don’t give up hope!