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Watch this 12-year-old land a massive Wingnut transition

He flies across a 13 foot gap!

You know how the obstacles on American Ninja Warrior get more difficult every single season? We can thank kids like this for that! (And seriously, thank you, kids!)

The wunderkind in this clip is 12-year-old Owen and he just landed a 13 foot gap between Wingnuts. You remember the Wingnuts. The obstacle debuted in season nine and was a Ninja killer both on the Daytona course and at the National Finals on Stage Two.

Here’s that awesome move from another angle.

Dave Cavanagh, a four-time American Ninja Warrior competitor who made it to the National Finals in season nine, took to the comments to provide a little context.

Jamie Rahn, who has seven seasons of American Ninja Warrior competition under his belt, started wondering what that meant for his own expectations.

Basically, just you wait and see what the next generation of competitiors bring to the table in a few years.

Oh, and that’s not the only trick up Owen’s sleeve. Here’s a 360 degree laché.

New Trick.

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Here he is working on his Cliffhanger game, just casually warming up for Stage Three.

Finally got all cliff hanger transitions!

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Owen, keep at it! We want to see you on the course the moment you turn 19!